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The NUITNOIRE's "complementary" pieces are made in our workshop, based in France, in Mulhouse in the heart of Alsace.

A french and artisanal manufacture, positioned at the top of the range.

A production on a human scale and just in time, triggered on command and therefore partly controlled by you, our customers.

Pieces made and designed in our peaceful Alsatian workshop. Sketching, design, modeling and research of raw materials. A collection that wants to be complementary to the "main" one, with accessories, to complete your outfits.

In a workshop bringing together all the necessary skills, allowing us full control over our pieces, to spend more time thinking, optimizing and improving them.

A requirement allowing a perfect transcription of our vision of what fashion is and what clothing and accessory are.

Resistants, comfortables, respectful of you, the environment and versatiles.



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  • _Small handbag, perfect for storing phone, make-up, keys, etc. An elegant accessory, thanks to a handle that you can raise just like fold down.--


    _A bag designed to be unique, in its design, both original and practical.--


    _Weight (without handle): 67g
    (with handle): 77g

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