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NUITNOIRE pieces are made in Mulhouse in the heart of Alsace, in our workshop dedicated to a French manufacturing, artisanal with a high-end positioning.

A production on a human scale and just in time, triggered on command and therefore partly controlled by you, our customers.

Pieces made and designed in our peaceful Alsatian workshop. Sketching, design, modeling and research of raw materials.

In a workshop bringing together all the necessary skills, allowing us full control over our pieces, to spend more time thinking, optimizing and improving them.

A requirement allowing a perfect transcription of our vision of what fashion is and what clothing and accessory are.

Resistant, comfortable, respectful of you, the environment and versatile.


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  • _Bi-material panties, with a soft, protective fabric on the front and a light, discreet one on the back, with pleats providing a more sensual side to the piece. Goes perfectly with the underboobs support making up the set, by NUITNOIRE.--


    _A piece accessorized with a long velcro on the side, allowing you to adjust the size to your liking. --


    _It is possible to raise the handles, allowing you to play with your curves, to emphasize your hips, or to raise only one of them for an assumed style.


    _Weight: 86g

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