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As far as fabrics and accessories are concerned, geographical limits have been set for the sake of ecology and savings. Namely, Europe and more specifically France, Germany, Belgium, and Sweden are the only supplier countries of the brand.


Located in France, it was logical for NUITNOIRE to work in the first place only with the European Union, of which we know the requirements in terms of labor rights and reliability of raw materials.


NUITNOIRE, Ideally located in Alsace, a great textile land, will have the opportunity in the future to collaborate with highly specialized industries, always more focused in the work of natural materials.


Suppliers are therefore chosen with requirements, for their proximity and the quality of the ranges of ecologically responsible fabrics offered, such as Econyl in Sweden (lycra created from synthetic waste).

Fabrics that meet European and global standards, such as OEKOTEX or GOTS.

Showrooms, such as the one organized in January 2022 in Paris, will have allowed us to invite people to come and touch our pieces and demonstrate our requirements.
A presentation appreciated, given the feedback, all emphasizing the comfort and intuitiveness of our pieces.


NUITNOIRE pieces are made in Mulhouse in the heart of Alsace, in our workshop dedicated to French artisanal manufacturing, positioned high-end.

Just-in-time production, triggered on order and therefore partly controlled by you, our customers.

Because as we will specify below, we must involve you in the success of the brand.

A workshops on a human scale, because it is by putting the human at the center of our reflection that by a funnel idea, we wish to influence an entire system.



Regarding distribution, NUITNOIRE will operate mainly through online sales as well as pop-up stores in the largest cities in France.

Delivery will be carried out alongside Fedx and Chronopost internationally and La Poste in France, a choice made for their commitments to the environment.

NUITNOIRE will participate, for example, La Poste today, is the owner of the

"1st electric vehicle fleets in the world (35,000 vehicles)".


Finally, the objective being to allow faster and direct access to our products, we will ensure that NUITNOIRE is gradually offered to you within physical or online multi-brands, throughout the world.


Only one collection per year, such is our position, facing a dominant and destructive fast-fashion.
A collection for which we will set ourselves a maximum number of pieces, to not be overtaken by trends and demands, to give ourselves time, so that each piece meets our requirements of quality, plurality, singularity and ethics.
Pieces that will therefore have to slide through all the seasons of the year, complementing each other, associating themselves and this, without following trends.

To meet this challenge and meet all expectations, 5 ranges will be created per collection, one called "complementary", which will therefore complete the so-called "main" one, an other one offering fanciful jewelry, one called "economic", reusing scraps of fabrics and finally a last one, of shoes (soon announced).
The "economic" range will include more economical parts, in fabric, accessories and less complex, allowing us to fewer energy to produce.
One collection per year, diversified, homogeneous, complete, to match everyone, throughout the year.


In order to offer fair and honest prices, we had to reduce costs throughout the project, by learning to carry out all the processes in-house, by reducing our margins and by striving to find various solutions.
Some solutions that will ask customers to accept a justified expectation to ensure you get the best quality at the fairest price possible.

In conclusion, NUITNOIRE is also about biases and pieces of which we are proud of, because they represent the work undertaken and our vision.

For a fashion that is fairer and respectful of you, your body and the environment.

A fashion that refocuses on clothing, what it should be, and how it describe a society.

A society that is more respectful of itself and of what surrounds it by refocusing on the essentials.

Through the choices in terms of fabrics, threads, accessories used, being among the most qualitative, NUITNOIRE wishes to make fashion useful, beautiful, and accessible.

For this, downstream, raw materials and research, combined with high-quality know-how, will allow, we hope, to create a new paradigm.


Through our engagement, it is necessary for us to engage you as consumers, because it is essential today that all stakeholders in this industry take their responsibility and stick to it.

For this, below, we allow ourselves to give you advice and tips in order to maintain your parts as well as possible and for as long as possible. Because the investment is not only made for the purchase but over time. Otherwise, it is easy to put the fault on the supplier, if the instructions of the latter are not respected.

It also means respecting your clothing and the work invested in its design to take care of it.



Learn to wash your clothes less often, only when it is really necessary.
If not, simply ventilate them and if there is any stains, then quickly remove them by hand.
This thanks to tips, such as the use of lemon, white vinegar, Marseille soap, hot milk, ice water etc. (depending on the fabric.s).

Here to help, one of the laundry recipes available, simple, quick and effective:

_ 1 glass of liquid black soap

_ 1/2 glass of baking soda

_ 1/4 glass of soda crystals

_ 3 glasses of water

_ 10 drops of essential oil for perfume (optional)

Perfect advice for NUITNOIRE pieces, being more delicate, complex and including high-end fabrics, require special attention.


Sorting clothes, according to their degree of dirt, their colors, and fabrics, makes it possible to optimize washing operations and to maintain clothes more efficiently, for longer.
Give preference to dry cleaning or hand washing for the most delicate and complex pieces.
Also favor the use of a net in which you will put your clothes, to not damage them and to avoid the overload of microparticles, subsequently released into wastewater.

Each piece will have its own advice available on the site when these go on sale.



Remember to empty the pockets of your clothes, close hook-and-loop fasteners, and zippers to avoid damaging the clothes. In the same logic, return the clothes on the reverse side to avoid damaging the visible side.

These basic rules must imperatively be associated with a follow-up of the indications placed on each piece, for an optimal and lasting result.

NUITNOIRE will pay particular attention to informing you in the best possible way.


For your machine, adopt the "eco" program, longer, but more energy and water-efficient.
Make sure to fill your machine, without overloading it, to be more efficient.
If you are using a tumble dryer, choose a high-speed spin to reduce drying time. If you are patient enough, prefer to dry them outside the machine.
A garment will prefer to air dry, well ventilated, hanging, to avoid any marking of folds over time. 

Mostly composed of organic fibers, NUITNOIRE pieces will always prefer a gentle drying in the open air!


The maintenance of the machine is essential, do not let it get dirty, by rinsing it with lukewarm water after each machine, while checking the inside of the drum, so that no object is left out.
Every month, a more substantial wash can be done, once, by running a machine, empty, with 1l of white vinegar to descale and 2 tablespoons of soda crystals to clean.
This is where it is necessary to take advantage of it, to wring out the water inlet and drain filter!

Finally, leave the door open and regularly check its seal.


Finally, iron less!
Ironing is often the most delicate part for the fabrics, because without taking the time to correctly follow the instructions of the piece and the ironing machine, big mistakes can happen. To avoid most of it, iron on the wrong side of the garment.
For some textiles, good drying with a taut cloth will suffice to smooth it out and if this is not sufficient then use the steamer!

At NUITNOIRE, the iron is for the details, seams, hems, flatten the margins and the steamer to smooth the whole.

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