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Shoulder bag



NUITNOIRE's "complementary" pieces are made in our workshop, based in France, in Mulhouse in the heart of Alsace .

A French artisanal manufacture, positioned at the top of the range.


A production on a human scale and just in time, triggered on order and therefore partly controlled by you, our customers .


Pieces made and designed in our peaceful Alsatian workshop. Sketching, design, modeling and research of raw materials , all sourced at length in order to be as respectful of you and the environment , with as few harmful chemical substances as possible.
A collection that wants to be complementary to the so-called "main" one , with more refined pieces and essential accessories, to perfect your outfits.


A workshop bringing together all the necessary skills, allowing us total control of our parts , to spend more time optimizing them and improving their production. As a result, a pride that is reflected in our pieces, that we want to be of the highest quality possible.


A perfect transcription therefore of our vision of fashion and what clothing or an accessory is, namely quality in every way, better outfits, more resistant, pleasant, comfortable, but above all portable.



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Shoulder bag

  • _Shoulder bag made entirely of fabric with optimal comfort, thanks to its padded handle.--


    _A bag inspired by the pencil case, that will allow you to put most of your personal belongings in it.
    A pencil case that can be separates from the handle if necessary, for better accessibility or depending on the situation.--


    _Weight (without handle): 58g
    (with handle): 98g

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